Welcome to Sweet Awakenings!

Hi there, I’m Sherry. Welcome to Sweet Awakenings! Thank you for joining me on my journey of learning to live my best life!

Sweet Awakenings... It's like the Earth waking up to what spring has to offer. It's invigorating!
Enjoying the Outdoors

I believe women need to build each other up. It’s ideal when we are of service to one another (and to ourselves) and when we set out to help one other. On this journey, I’m becoming increasingly aware of following my intuition and learning that I truly am responsible for manifesting my best life. I’m also increasingly aware that my health choices play a role in all of this as well.

What do I intend to create here? I intend to share resources that I find helpful as well as share insights that come to me. As I increasingly tap into my intuition with intention and appreciation, I recognize that we truly are all connected.

Why the Name Sweet Awakenings?

I recently took a course in which students were required to tap into their intuition. It was amazing the vivid details we were all able to reveal to one another… and how ACCURATE they were even though none of us previously knew each other at all. Since then, I’ve been doing some intuitive readings and plan to increase my work in this area as it’s certainly an area where I can see myself being of valuable service to others. It’s an ability I felt connected to as a child, but that I allowed to become dormant. As I welcome it’s reawakening, I feel invigorated… Thus the name Sweet Awakenings!

In addition to the above, I was introduced to an exciting new type of supplement… Rapid anion dna drops. I call them drops of health. They taste like candy, but have the added benefit of supporting our bodies’ systems. I feel the name Sweet Awakenings also applies to this aspect of my life.

Cheers to creating and living out our best lives!

🙂 🙂 🙂